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10/16/2018 4:13:29 PM
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 Performance Year 2010
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- Trade account # 00445645 - Publish date : Feb 21, 2010
- Trade account # 00445645 - Publish date : Feb 23, 2010
- Trade account # 00445645 - Publish date : Feb 28, 2010
- Trade account # 00445645 - Publish date : March 04, 2010
- Trade account # 00936898 - Publish date : May 04, 2010
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Our system consists of 2 trading systems; the Forex Technical System and the Forex Fundamental System. The TS uses the technical analysis and indicators and fx market data to generate the alerts. The FS uses the news released by the economic reports to generate the alerts and trade the reports.

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1 - Technical System Results
Performance of the Forex Technical and Fundamental Signals
These results are adjusted at the end of each month
2 - Fundamental System Results
Performance of the Forex News Signals
We are not posting the Fundamental System Results because we combined these results with the [Technical System Results]

About the results of this system, Rpchost.com can only say that we began trading this kind of strategy since August 2006. We are developping our skills to make money from this strategy and to help our clients to succeed in their trades. The technical Signals percentage of profit is around 70%, The Fundamental Signals percentage of profit is 95 to 99 %, this kind of trades can't loose because we are trading the reports that have a high impact in the currency, we are trading the news that deviate the market and create trends. We are developping our strategies day after day, and implementing new techniques to provide our users with the most reliable and fast data which enable them taking the maximum profit.