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Total Investments
721 000 EUR
8/13/2020 8:43:24 AM
New York Time [GMT-5]
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Rpchost.com is a private company based in Hong Kong (Address : 172-180 Tai Lin Pai Road. Fax : 852-2615-1957 , Business Registration Number : 89760433).
We have offices in many countries such as Hong Kong, Cyprus (Larnaka), Jordan, USA (Detroit), Lebanon (Beirut), Dubai.

Rpchost.com is operating since 2006, giving its clients a very good financial consultancy.
Our work is concentrated on trading Stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies plus to analysis of the financial market and give our recommendations
concerning the future movement of different stocks and currencies.

our good reputation in the market since 2006 was a tool to gain our clients trust, we helped them grow their money with good investments and good management.

Since 2016 we entered the market of cryptocurrency, we began investing, trading, arbitrating and exchanging bitcoins against other cryptocurrencies.
We are making big profit, and all our customers are very satisfied as we are sharing with them our success.

Our company work is based on the following programs; The Lending Program, the Exchanging program and the Forex Program.

Lending Program enables customers to deposit amount and get monthly profit without doing anything, all the work is done by our side, we invest the money
by using our experience and we give them a very good share of the profit.
Forex Program enables customers who work in forex market to get professional consultancy, recommendation and study of the market so they can succeed in their trades.

Our managers:

Rim al Hadi [UAE]
Joseph Chalhoub [MIDDLE EAST]
Mohamad Labib [MIDDLE EAST]
Lana Monyu [Cyprus and Greece]
Hary Bolton [Detroit]
Rimsky Yuen [Hong Kong]