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Total Investments
721 000 EUR
7/7/2020 4:14:11 AM
New York Time [GMT-5]
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 Automated Forex Signals
Automated Forex Signals or automatic forex can be defined as the ability to trade forex with the use of a trading software or forex trading robot, without needing a human intervention. Our RAS (Rpchost Automated Signlas) system analyse and study the forex market 24/24 and extract from it Buy/Sell opportunities, we do not need to analyse the forex market physically, we programmed our fx strategies and created a system that generates automatic signals. our clients take advantage of this fx automation by recieving a high quality of forex signals. And in the near future we will present RAS system to clients, they will have an automated system that generates forex signals and executes these signals automatically in their broker platform without any effort; they can make hundreds of pips while sleeping and forex trading will be their new permanent job. RAS system can produce trades at anytime of the day or night.

So being available for trading 24 hours a day, increase profit and make forex trading easier. Rpchost.com computer engineer and forex trader created a software that do all the hard work, it collects forex data, analyses data, implement strategies and generates fx alerts. These signals are sent automatically to the clients and in same time they are executed in the broker platform.

RAS system took alot of work and dedication, Rpchost.com developped forex strategies over 3 years until he found the most optimum technique which produce net profit, then he created a very high tech forex system by using his skills in design and software engineering and using low level languages like C and C++ to make the system fully automated and executes forex signals in the broker platform.