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 Forex Trading Guide
Dear users before taking your decision trading with us take a minute and read this trading guide which describes what we offer and what fx strategy we use to make profit.

Services we offer:

1 - Free Forex Trading Signal; we post to our visitors a set of forex trading signal and alert which help them having a better understanding of the quality of our services.

2 - Technical and Fundamental Signal; Each day We send 0 to 3 Technical signals (24/24 hours trading), each alert is sent after we analyze the market data, technical indicators and set the pivots points, resistances and supports levels. Our strategy is very good, we analyze the Pairs, pivots, supports and resistances, we also use a combination of indicators which we developed and tested over 2 years and proved its reliability and upon the analysis we post our fx alert. Technical signal have the following structure: "Buy EUR/CHF now at 1.6540, SL = 1.6500, Target = 1.6600"

In the Fundamental section; we analyze the data released by economic reports and news data and extract from this data Short and Long trades opportunities. Check our Global Economic Calendar which is a great tool for traders to see how the forex news and reports which deviate the market. After we extract and analyze fundamental data we will see if this data will deviate a certain currency and upon this analysis we trade the news and send fundamental signal to our live clients and visitors (This service is open for public, access our Free Forex Signal). At the release time (Click here to see what time we will trade economic REPORTS for today), members must be ready to post trades, and must be very fast during posting their trades because at the time of the release we analyze the news within seconds and decide if we will buy or sell or stay aside, for that reason we advise members to be ready to buy/sell the specified currency very quickly to have the maximum profit. Fundamental signal have the following structure: "Buy EUR/CHF now at 1.6540, SL = 1.6500, Target = 1.6600. [FUNDAMENTAL]"

3- Forex Forum;   Check the Forex Forum whenever you can, each day I post new predictions, strategies and forex signal.

4- Economic Calendar;   This Global Economic Calendar is a great tool for every FX trader; at the time of reports release, the actual and revision data are displayed instantly. In addition to the forex news data, this Economic Calendar generates currency analysis concerning the released data. Check this great tool and you will use it frequently in your forex trading.