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6/5/2020 8:01:26 PM
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 Technical Analysis
We use both technical and fundamental analysis to trade currencies.

The principles of technical analysis derive from the study of markets. The oldest technique sample of technical analysis was a method used by Japanese traders in the 18th century, which uses candlestick, and is today a main charting tool.

Forex Technical analysis involves the study of historical currency prices in an attempt to determine what is going to happen next. We do not rely blindly on technical analysis, this is a common mistake that forex traders make because they forget the reason why Technical Analysis works in the first place. While technical analysis tries to determine what the price WILL do, fundamental analysis tries to figure out what the price SHOULD do.

In Fundamental analysis we study economic reports, world statistics, relative interest rates, international foreign policy and world events and upon this study we cancel or confirm a previous technical signals or send new fundamental signals. We simply combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis in our forex trading.

The fundamentalist studies the cause of forex market movement, while the technician studies the effect. Fundamental analysis is a macro or strategic assessment of where a currency should be trading based on any criteria but the movement of the currency's price itself. These criteria often include the economic condition of the country that the currency represents, monetary policy, and other "fundamental" elements. There are also a large group that only use Technical Analysis to trade. Even though there are traders that like to use fundamental analysis exclusively. We do not recommend that our clients do the same. We combine both studies to come out with the perfect strategy in our forex trading.

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