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Established in 2005 ,RpcHost.com is an online forex/Stocks/Crypto software company created by Joseph Chalhoub which provides to traders the tools and the recommendations and technical skills to create their own trading strategies

Our company is based in Cyprus and our
customers are from all over the world. We are opening new branches in USA
(Forex USA), middle east (Forex middle east), Europe (Forex Europe) and Asia
Also we provide software solutions for different domains and sectors

During the past 5 years we were concentrating on teaching programmers the way how to profit from their software and How to make passive and active money from their applications
and how to drive traffic to their websites

How to program trading strategies which allow them to make money while they are sleeping
We teach people how to create automated system for their own profit and how to combine Technology and trading strategies to produce a high performing artificial intelligent system which collects Technical and Fundamental data and create automated decisions and produce net profit for everyday.