Colorize video with Deep Learning

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How to colorize a video? this service is to convert black-&-white videos to color and download it directly to your computer for FREE. If you have old videos or you just want to colorize black and white YouTube URL, you can use the form below to colorize your own videos.


Colorize a video service is completely free, even it cost us lot of Graphic cards consumption, all we ask a small favor, please subscribe to our channel and help us to grow and to provide our visitors with the best free tools developed by Rpc Technology.


Colorize B&W videos and images with Colab python

Please watch this video on how to color your black and white videos easily and without having any programming skills, by just using colab python on your machine.

Check the below youtube video on how to colorize B&W videos, clips, movies and images with a very good color quality, using python colab. No need to install python on your machine, it will execute in your browser. You need to download the python colab files from, and upload them to your google drive, and you run the python scripts on your google drive. You just point to B&W YouTube or online video, and you execute the script to colorize. You can make lot of money by colorizing old movies, you can create a channel for old movies and clips with color and lot of subscribers will join your channel. You can also monetize your service and sell this service to clients.

Learn how to colorize your B&W videos and images with python colab

Download Python script to colorize video

Download Python script to colorize image

In case you find it hard to colorize videos by yourself, then fill the form below, your name, email and B&W video YouTube URL, and we will colorize it for you.

Thanks to modern AI based image processing technology, we can use AI photo colorizer to colorize video and images and restore old photos automatically. What’s more,  now we can colorize not only images  but also colorize black and white video. Moreover, you can use film colorization tools online as well. Thus, you won’t even need to go through excessive downloads. In this list, we will take a look at the best video colorization applications. We will also see how to colorize black and white video with these tools. You can completely change your videos by colorizing them, giving you a whole new perspective.

How to Set Up DeOldify on GitHub?

You can colorize video online or even install the assets on your desktop. Given that this tool is an open source program, it is possible to get the code running on your application instead. You can access their GitHub page from here.

DeOldify is a Black and White image Colorizing library created by Jason Antic. Mainly, this library utilized the techniques of these two papers: Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Network and Two Time-Scale Update Rule. Also, DeOldify introduced the NoGAN technique to solve some of the key problems to make hyper-realistic colorization images and video, and we will see everything in our further article section with python code implementation of coloring black and white images and videos with different models.