Cleveland Indians To Guardians!

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Cleveland Guardians

What’s the story, is it true?

It’s official. The Cleveland Indians will become the Cleveland Guardians effective at the end of this season.

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team has revealed its new team name changing from the Indians to the Guardians. And they relied on a famous baseball fan with a strong connection to the town to make the big reveal. MSNBC’s Brian Williams has the details.

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Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Guardians Suck

Now the Cleveland Indians have changed their name to the Cleveland Guardians. Comedian Michael Loftus has some thoughts on the name change. Mainly this: Cleveland Guardians suck. It’s not a good name and does a huge disservice to the Native American the team was named after. A name that no one had a problem with for over 100 years. The Loftus Party is definitely going to be making fun of this ridiculous name change.

A look at the history behind the new name

hat made ‘Guardians’ stand out? According to owner Paul Dolan, the franchise sought a brand that “strongly reflects the pride, resiliency and loyalty of Clevelanders.” Dolan believes that Guardians “embodies those defining attributes, while drawing upon the iconic ‘Guardians of Traffic’ proudly standing outside of Progressive Field on the Hope Memorial Bridge.” The Guardians of Traffic symbolize the progress and protection of transportation for anyone who passes by on the bridge. Each guardian holds a different vehicle in his hand — a hay wagon, covered wagon, stagecoach, a passenger car and four other types of trucks.

What fans say

One of the fans was commenting the following:

first they came for the Washington
football team
and we said everything and now they’re
coming for the rest of the sports team
don’t you people and i do mean you
people get
that these sports teams are honoring
native Americans
one novelty baseball helmet full of ice
cream at a time
and now you want to take that away well
since we’re putting a stop to
appropriating people’s culture
i don’t want to see any sports teams

my white culture I don’t want to hear
about the
Omaha speak to the managers i don’t want
hear about the Toledo white new balances
and i damn sure don’t want to hear about
the Poughkeepsie mayonnaise faces that’s
a comment on my skin
color and it’s offensive
plus it’s a stereotype that all us white
people like mayonnaise we don’t all like
mayonnaise i can’t touch the stuff it’s
too spicy for me but
i digest this cancel culture is
getting that
i we just
what am i gonna do with all these
goddamn bobble heads in jersey

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