Crypto trading

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Rpc Technology offers secure Crypto trading service which is Telegram Crypto trading; if you want to buy or sell your bitcoin or any other crypto, then join Rpc Technology telegram, and you tell us how we can help you in order to exchange your crypto to any other fiat currency or to any other crypto currency.

We accept any legal method of payments. If you want to sell your bitcoin, you just send us the bitcoin and as soon as we receive it, we send you the cash within the payment method that suits you.

We do not charge any fees

We do not charge any bank transfer fees from our side

You can try our service with small amounts to test our dignity and reliability, since we are in the Forex and Crypto market since 2006 and we consider ourselves the best exchangers online.

You can follow our daily free forex and crypto trading signals and make great trading decisions

Let’s talk on Telegram and we discuss details