How to make whisky at home

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Today I will make a whisky at home. This video is an amazing video on how I brew whiskey with my father following the brewing method given by my grandfather.

This whisky is completely organic, all the products are from our fields, the corn and barley are cultivated and collected from our land, the water is pure water from our land fountain, we do not use any sugar in the process, we extract natural sugar from the malt barley.

This video is a great guide for people who want to brew their own whisky, it begins with mashing, then fermenting then distillation, ageing and finally tasting.

Whiskey brewing is an amazing hobby, and great way to brew your own alcohol and get far from shops whiskey and alcohol which you don’t know what kind of additives or artificial ingredients they are brewing with.

Please watch this video that will teach you step by step how to do your own whiskey at home.

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