The ordinary mandelic acid

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Today we will be reviewing something that you probably have never heard of, because I actually have ever heard about it, it’s actually called a skin prep water, what is a skin prep water where does it fit in a toner is an exfoliator what is it actually before everything goes I would like to show you how it looks like.

You probably seen lot of product and love them as much as I do and I was pleasantly surprised that you can actually come up with a skincare product with nuts like this, what is it actually for the ordinary mandelic acid is actually an alpha hydroxy acid or a H a and this compared to other a H, a is very large in molecules so it will not directly seep into your skin, but rather settle on your skin for a while, and then slowly slip in through your skin. But why is it called a skin prep water, it is called a skin prep water because it’s going to prepare your skin to absorb the succeeding skincare products, that you’re going to layer upon it, this is actually going to help you remove dead skin cells and out the texture, that you have and also what’s amazing it will help you prevent fine lines, I am at the age where I’m concerned about fine lines, hyperpigmentation and all that stuff and what’s really glad that this product can actually help me achieve or help me age gracefully, so that is one of my goals, I do not want to have those marks when I’m older and it’s harder to remove that when you’re older, it’s better to prevent it then you know curing it later on. I was really glad that this product is going to help you with that, but let’s talk about the main points of this product this actually is cruelty free, it’s a vegan friendly and it’s free from fragrance artificial color, as an all parabens silicon and it has a very low pH of 4.5, yes it is acidic but at the same time this acid will not hurt your skin.

Mandelic acid benefits

Mandelic acid benefits are many, first the ordinary mandelic acid is not going to chemically burn your skin harshly, but rather will give you a very light peeling which is not really obvious like your skin is peeling off, you will just feel it your skin is smoother. When I try this product, I actually felt as I was applying regular toner. I is water in consistency, it’s a very lightweight and at the same time I could feel a little bit of some type of ammonia product over my skin, but it did dry matte which is a pleasant thing, because I don’t want my skin to shining like a diamond throughout the day.

Today I’ve actually use it under my foundation, I’ve used this and if you’re worried if it’s going to oxidize your makeup, or your foundation it won’t do that, so what I do with this is I apply this and give it a little bit of time to actually settle on my skin. Then proceed with other steps of my makeup, because I don’t want it to interact with my foundation, and gladly it didn’t if you’re intending to use this under your makeup during the daytime, make sure to wear sunscreen, because using any form of acid makes your skin photosensitive and more prone to Sun. Another question that you have in mind is that, when do you really need to use this, you actually can use this for your toner, if you want to still use your toner but otherwise you can actually use it on its own, when you just want to treat your skin at night. If you’re afraid of it interacting with other products but let me tell you is doesn’t really interact with any products because it actually helps the other products absorb to your skin more so what are my final thoughts on the ordinary mandelic acid skin prep water. I absolutely love this product, it didn’t break me out which is one of the major things I take into consideration when I’m trying out a new product, plus it did really need all its claims if you only think I didn’t like about the product is its scent, because it has a medicinal or herbal type of scent, which is reminiscent of betadine or hydrogen peroxide not that it contains those type of chemicals, but because it didn’t contain any fragrance, but if you’re sensitive to fragrances then this is an amazing product for you but I don’t really mind it in the long run because having no fragrance is a good thing, because if you have fragrance in your product, it means you can actually mask other chemicals that are not allowed in a certain type of product. So, is it a deal breaker when it comes to the scent it’s not because after you apply it on your skin the scent just really go away on its own, so that’s not a bad thing, would I recommend this product? yes, I would but I do not recommend this product to girls who are younger, why do I say that? is it bad for you? no it’s not bad for you, it’s just that you don’t need it yet much because your skin is still young.

It can really regenerate on its own, so I suggest this product to women who are 25 and above, because women who are 25 above have a concern on hyperpigmentation fine lines wrinkles and all of those things that come out which is natural in the aging process. So that is it for the review of the skin prep water, I hope you liked this video and please do leave a comment down below so we may chitchat a little bit and if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel I’ll see you again next time till then stay pretty.