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We always get questions like where to get free website hosting, or how do I host my website for free, or what’s the best free website hosting, or how do I host my website for free, so we decided to write this post to teach how to create free website hosting, In this post I will show you how to create and build a free website hosting; domain and hosting for free and forever, without any cost, whatever your website is, even a blog, or movies, or education or ecommerce, or if you are a student or teacher or small business or charity institution, you will get a free website with free domain name, with free SSL, just type in your browser

infinityfree a is website provides a way to create a free domain name and free hosting, if you don’t have an account just register on, the registration is very easy.

After you register, login to your account. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your websites list within

Click Create Account

Choose your subdomain and the domain extension, and press Search Domain. If the domain is available, then it will redirect you to the following page;

Choose a password for your domain, and press Create Account. You will be redirected to this page

Click Open Control panel

Click Approve

N.B. : Sometimes it needs 72 hours the website to be live (The website may be simple HTML or dynamic website)

That way you will have a free website, free domain name and free hosting, forever free with no cost at all and totally legit and tested. Once you create your free website and free domain, be sure to read the post about how to create a FREE SSL.

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